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11. Вазифахои герундий дар чумла

A gerund is a type of verbal that ends in-ing and is used like a noun. Gerunds can also function as the subject of the sentence, the direct object, or as the subject complement. They can also act as an object of a preposition. In most cases we find a gerundial phrase or a gerundial construction. The main functions of the Gerund are: the Subject, the Object and the Predictive.

1.The subject: Gambling

2. The Object: having stolen

3. The Predictive: were hunting, fishing, bee-keeping.

1. The gerund as a subject.

Avoiding difficulties isn’t my method.

Избегать трудности это не мой метод.

When the subject of the sentence is a gerundial phrase, the subject is sometimes placed after the predicate. Then the sentence begins with the anticipation it:

It was great meeting you here.

It’s no good worrying

2. The gerund as a predictive.

Deciding is acting.

3. The gerund as part of a compound verbal predicate.

We intend going to Switzerland.

4. The gerund as an object.

Avoid making mistakes.

5. The gerund as an attribute.

Of winning hearts.

Of their getting married.

6. As an adverbial modifier

On arriving.

Main Aditor

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