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Grammatical Characteristics of Qualitative Adjectives.

3. Тавсифи грамматикии сифати дарчаи оли

Adjectives are those words which describe noun or pronouns. Qualitative and Quantitative Adjectives are two among seven types of Adjectives.

Qualitative Adjectives deal with characteristics of people or objects. Qualitative Adjectives are those Adjectives which can describe quality of living beings or non-living things, what kind? QualitativeQualitative adjectives are gradable which means they can form degrees.

1. Most qualitative adjectives have degrees of comparison:

big. bigger. the biggest

interesting. more interesting. The most interesting

Some qualitative adjectives such as greenish, turkish, incurable, have no degrees of comparison.

2. They have certain typical suffixes, such as -ful, -less, -ous, ent, able, -ish: careful, careless, dangerous, convenient, comfortable, silvery, watery, whitish, shortist.

3. From most of them adverbs can be formed by the suffix-ly:



4. Most qualitative adjectives can be used as attributes and predictives.

The young man was introduced (attributes)

-He was rich. (Predictive)

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