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7. Вазифахои шуморахои микдори дар чумла

Cardinal numerals indicate exact number; they are used in counting. As to their structure, the cardinal numerals from 1 to 12 and 100, 1000, are simple words (one, two, three, etc., hundred, thousand, million).

Such cardinal numerals as hundred, thousand, million may be used with articles (a hundred, a thousand), they may be substantivized and used in the plural (hundreds, thousands). When used after other numerals they do not take-s (two hundred times, thousand years etc.).

Cardinal numerals are used in the function of subject, predictive, object, adverbial modifier and attribute (opposition).

…the young man opposite had long since disappeared. Now the other two got out. (Mansfield) (subject)

Cardinal are sometimes used to denote the place of an object in a series. Cardinals are used in reading indications: line 23, page 275, Chapter 6.

Some implantation of function of cardinal number is sentences:

He got nine in English test.

I have ten students in the class.

She gives me two oranges.

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