English stylistic

  • What is Hyperbole?

    Hyperbole: It is the stylistic device which also has the function of intensifying one certain property of the object described. Deliberate overstatement or exaggeration of feature is essential for object. Example 42: The earth was made for Dombey and Son to trade in and the sun and the moon were…

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  • English stylisticEuphemism

    Short information about Euphemism

    Euphemism Euphemism is a variety of a periphrasis. It is also based on the use of a descriptive expression instead of the word denoting the notion. But it has a special character. Euphemism is a word or phrase used to replace an unpleasant word or expression by a conventionally more…

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  • English stylisticexamples of periphrasis

    Periphrasis and examples of periphrasis

    Periphrasis Periphrasis is a unit of poetic speech which both names and describes. We speak of periphrasis when we have the name of a person or a thing substituted by a descriptive phrase but the substitution is not based on logical association. It is a poetic synonym of a word…

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