English Dialectology

Estuary English

From London down the Thames and into Essex, Sussex, and even Kent, a new working and middle class dialect has evolved and is rapidly become «the» southern dialect. It combines some of the characteristics of Cockney with RP, but makes much less use of Cockney slang.

East Anglian

This dialect is similar to the Southern, but keeps its h’s:

  • t between vowels usually becomes a glottal stop.
  • /ai/ becomes /oi/: time > /toim/.
  • RP yu becomes u: after n, t, d… as in American English.
  • the -s in the third person singular is usually dropped [e.g. he goes > he go, he didn’t do it > he don’t do it]

East Midlands

The dialect of the East Midlands, once filled with interesting variations from country to country, is now predominantly RP. R’s are dropped, but h’s are pronounced. The only signs that differentiate it from RP:

  • ou > u: (so go becomes /gu:/).
  • RP yu; becomes u: after n, t, d… as in American English.

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